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Medicine Description

What is Valif ?
Valif 20 mg tablets are erection pills containing 20 mg of active substance Vardenafil. This is the same as in Levitra. Active substance Valif is thus the generic version of the brand Levitra. Valif helps to get and maintain an erection during sexual arousal and this effect lasts for 4 to 6 hours. Valif provides a firm and hard erection. Advantage over eg Kamagra is that the risk of side effects is lower, due to a lower dose.

How Valif ?
With sexual stimulation, the arteries dilate and streams called erectile tissue in the penis with blood. The blood vessels to drain the blood again be temporarily shut. This causes the penis remains rigid during sexual stimulatie.Bij erectile dysfunction penis can not become stiff or not long enough remain rigid during sexual stimulation. The vasodilatation is put in motion by substances released during sexual arousal in the penis. Vardenafil inhibits the phosphodiesterase enzyme that breaks down these substances. Thus they stay longer and present in the penis. In larger quantities The penis can therefore better be stiff and stays longer stiff. For the operation is sexual stimulation nodig.De operation starts after about half an hour, to reach a maximum after about one hour, and disappears after four to five hours.

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